Data Centre & Cloud

Autodata has been providing effective data centre solutions since 1986, and as technology has evolved we’ve consistently kept ahead of the curve.

Hyperconverged infrastructures (unifying server, storage, and networks into a single framework) have helped transform the economics of running a data centre, accelerating the transition to cloud-ready infrastructure.

We provide:

  • Compute (Server/Hyperconverged)
  • Fabric Switching
  • Storage (NAS/SAN/Hyperconverged)
  • Virtualisation (Server-based – VMware and Hyper-V)
  • Cloud (Public and Hybrid)

Today’s businesses are expected to champion innovations, remain aligned with evolving objectives and provide new and unique experiences to customers. The cloud promises to help achieve these goals more quickly, more efficiently and at a lower cost, but it can be a complex task adapting your existing environment to a new I.T. model.

Data Centres

Where traditional data-centre architecture contained and managed physical infrastructures, the increased deployment of virtual environments and applications requires a more sophisticated, hybrid approach which introduces challenges of its own.

Hyperconverged infrastructures break down the traditional ‘siloed’ infrastructure by flattening down data-centre architecture so that compute, networking and storage are abstracted from the CPUs, racks, cabling, controllers and switches. Abstracting the operating system from the CPUs and adding a single point of management revitalises the network architecture by creating a more dynamic network fabric, a process known as software defined networking (SDN).

At its core, hyperconverged infrastructure eliminates much of the work when it comes to the provisioning of servers, SAN, LAN and applications. Whilst once this provisioning could require multiple teams working on the job, it now allows for plug-and-play options which are ready to go out of the box.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is neither a new nor a standalone phenomenon. It’s a core ingredient of the overall transformation of the entire technology industry that has been rapidly developing into its leading delivery method. The cloud fundamentally changes the way that IT services are deployed, enabling organisations to meet their IT requirements using a flexible, on-demand, and rapidly scalable model that requires neither ownership nor provision of dedicated resources.

Cloud brings with it numerous benefits, including capex and opex cost efficiencies, flexibility derived from the rapid provisioning of new capacity and transfer of workloads, increased automation, and improved sustainability due to the consumption of far less energy and resources than the traditional IT data centre.

Cloud can be complex but we’re here to ensure that your project is handled in a logical way that takes all your business needs and processes into account to ensure that everything runs smoothly, disrupts business processes as little as possible, and guarantees scalability and security. Speak to one of our Data Centre and Cloud Specialists to discuss how we can develop your DCC strategy to increase your competitive edge and provide real business benefits.

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