Increasing amounts of data combined with a cloud-first approach for many organisations continues to further the evolution of the data centre. Modern businesses are expected to consistently adapt to provide exceptional customer experiences.

At Autodata we understand the complexities of adapting your existing infrastructures to a more advanced model. We aim to help you achieve this through a consultative approach that considers the technology you already have in place.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

Hyperconvergence is a fully-virtualised data centre that eliminates the need for physical hardware by creating a simplified, fully integrated platform (unifying server, storage and networks) into a single framework, providing an easier transition to cloud-ready infrastructure and eradicating costly infrastructure solutions.

HCI can provide the following benefits to your IT infrastructure:

  • Ease of Management: having a single pane of glass allows you to view your entire data centre, enabling you to fault-find faster, remove bottlenecks and deploy new services within a few mouse clicks
  • Data Efficiency and a reduced storage footprint: reduction in the need for storage, bandwidth and input/output performance measurements
  • Low costs
  • Adaptability: having a virtualised data centre allows for easy scalability as per business requirements
  • Data Protection: built-in functionality ensures data can be easily secured preventing loss or corruption
  • Application Mobility
  • Data Resilience

At its core, HCI eliminates much of the work when it comes to the provisioning of servers, SAN, LAN and applications. Whilst this provisioning used to require multiple teams working on the job, it now allows for plug-and-play options which are ready to go out of the box.

And now DHCI

Disaggregated Hyper Converged Infrastructure takes many of the standard HCI benefits but allows the flexibility to grow the area of infrastructure that is required, without needing to purchase the elements that are not.

Often a business may be running low on storage but not compute. With a traditional HCI model, compute and storage must be purchased together, increasing your compute count without needing to. Having too much resource is rarely an issue, but with this additional resource comes additional licences and management requirements.

With DHCI, you only grow by what you need, when you need it … thus removing unwanted waste and improving efficiency without sacrificing the simplicity of HCI.

Helping you deal with HCI/DHCI

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