Your employees are the fastest route into your company data. Your human firewall is your last line of defence so it’s crucial that all your employees are cyber-aware.

Cyber criminals use human error to their advantage. Attacks come in many forms and it requires more than just a technology fix to defend an organisation against every attack vector.

Configuring your Human Firewall

Establishing a robust human firewall is an essential element of your security posture
Employees are opening the gateway to catastrophic breaches: whether that includes falling for an email phishing attack or oversharing their personal or company details on social media thereby attracting social engineering techniques.

Phishing is now the biggest attack vector
According to the UK Government’s 2022 Cyber Security Breaches Survey, phishing is still the most common type of cyber-attack. Not only are phishing attacks increasing in volume, they are also increasing in intelligence and believability, making your business just one click away from a security breach. Failing to provide employees with the correct tools to face an attack may result in them being your security downfall.

How can you protect your end users against a clever phish?
You have a far better chance of thwarting an attack with an active and aware human firewall. Engaging your end users via Cyber Awareness Training and equipping them with the right tools to identify, report and stop attacks could be indispensable in protecting your organisation against cyber threats.

Autodata can help you assess the level of employee cyber risk in your organisation. Our Cyber Awareness Service helps you to mitigate the risk of a breach by reducing your organisation’s “phish-prone score” to maintain an effective last line of defence.

Our Cyber Awareness Service includes:

  • Fully-managed Onboarding
  • Quarterly Meetings to evaluate analytics, reports and success metrics
  • Monthly Simulated Phishing Campaigns
  • Automatically-launched Cyber Awareness Training for Clickers
  • Monthly Training for all/selected employees
  • Analytics Reporting
  • Optional Vishing & USB Drive Tests

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