The current approach to threat protection inevitably requires an expensive, multi-product security stack that can only be operated by a sizeable, skilled security team.

This approach is critically flawed! It leaves your internal IT resources drained, exhausted, blinded, and exposed. Even if your company could afford this approach, why would you?

XDR: The New Approach to Security

Over the years, threats have become more sophisticated. Malware and ransomware are no longer just a standard file-encryption piece. Attackers are now infiltrating cryptographic systems and the detection of these types of attacks has become much harder for legacy security products. Integrating several disparate solutions together has also been difficult and usually prohibitively expensive.

The new guard of XDR platforms is able to detect these newer attack intrusions. Perhaps the biggest improvement has been significantly reducing the number of false positives generated, avoiding alert fatigue.

What is XDR and how does it differ from standard EPP?

XDR encompasses different tools within an agent. EPPs are purely deployed on the endpoint to detect and stop signature-based attacks. XDR acts across different security layers to continuously monitor and rapidly detect threats from a wider range of sources across the organisation, such as cloud-based applications, network traffic, and user behaviour.

Why Managed XDR?

Organisations are commonly overwhelmed by the volume of security alerts and are struggling to hire and retain skilled cyber-security talent. Managed XDR resolves these issues by consolidating tooling via a best-in-class automated platform backed by a fully managed detection and response service.

AutoXDR powered by Cynet is a managed alternative that ranks as a top performer within the 2023 MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Enterprise Evaluation due to its 100% detection, visibility, analytic coverage and real-time detection scores, all with ZERO configuration changes. With a proactive 24/7 MDR team continuously monitoring your environment, providing expert assistance and guidance, AutoXDR is considerably more cost-effective than hiring even one cyber-security professional internally.

AutoXDR: the All-in-One Cyber-Security Platform

AutoXDR provides all the prevention, detection, correlation, investigation, and response you need backed by a 24/7 MDR service without the associated cost and complexity.

Automate your day-to-day cyber-security operations with:

  • Automated Investigation: automated root cause and impact analysis
  • Automated Remediation: eliminate malicious presence, activity, infrastructure
  • Custom Playbooks: procedures, tools and who to involve during security incidents
  • Threat Detection: EDR, NDR, UEBA, Deception, Sandbox, TI
  • Endpoint Protection: Next Generation AV, Device Control, Critical Resource Protection
  • SaaS & Cloud Security: CSPM, SSPM
  • IT Security Operations: IT Hygiene, Asset Inventory, Vulnerability Management
  • CLM: automatically collect the highest-priority data to uncover threats
  • Event Correlations: collects and correlates alert and activity data into actionable incidents, providing SIEM-like capabilities
  • Forensics: investigate, remediate, orchestrate and automate IR workflows

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