Google does not backup your Google Workspace environment (previously known as G Suite). This is clearly stated in their own Shared Responsibilities/Shared Fate Framework:

the cloud provider always remains responsible for the underlying network and infrastructure, and customers always remain responsible for their access policies and data”.

Many Google users are not clear that ultimately it is their responsibility – not to mention strongly advised by Google – to secure their own data. As such, a third-party Google Workspace backup tool is the best way to protect against accidental or malicious file deletion, other user errors, ransomware, and data corruption.

These solutions store backups independently from Google servers. They enable granular restores of Google Workspace files, email, calendar, contact and shared storage. They ensure that you can quickly restore and meet RPO/RTO requirements for your Google Workspace data.

Why Cloudlake Google Workspace Backup?

Cloudlake® uses innovative tools. Our tools are used by over 1,000 organisations with over 200,000 protected users and trusted by global blue-chip companies and the most prestigious education environments. It truly is the most powerful, reliable and comprehensive tool available:

  • Retrieve Google Workspace Gmail, Google Drive, Contacts, Calendar and Shared Drive data from a cloud-based instance of Google Workspace. Back up your data as often as required in a native format.
  • Full encryption for all backups and data transfers.
  • Flexible deployment and storage options to deploy on-premise, hybrid or fully cloud-enabled.
  • Automatic Backups for new users or the removal of leavers.
  • Granular specify the data retention policy to suit your organisation.

The best-value backup available

With Cloudlake® Google Workspace Backup, we only charge you for what you need and use on a per-user basis, with no contract with no contract lock-ins. This allows for complete flexibility to scale up and down on a monthly basis.

Choose to use our cloud storage repository for only £5.99 per month for each TB stored. Avoid hidden charges (ingress, egress, API) that the other vendors generally bake into their unlimited storage repositories.

When compared openly against alternatives, you’ll find Cloudlake to be the most cost-effective Google Workspace backup solution available; with the best product, premium service and highest security levels as standard.


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