As implementation and optimisation project demands increase in both time, resource and complexity, it can be essential to engage technical specialists to assist with spearheading and streamlining their delivery. Autodata believes in delivering exceptional end-to-end customer service including expert Professional Services to guarantee satisfaction and continuity.

Our pre-sales staff are highly knowledgeable and can work with you on the initial planning stages in order to determine the design and scope of your project. We ensure that all our post-sales engineers receive ongoing training and career development so that we are always up-to-date.

We strive to ensure their training also encompasses the most up-to-date vendor accreditations. We take our relationships with vendors extremely seriously and work hard to ensure that our technical staff attain and update their qualifications to the highest possible level.

Autodata supply and manage highly skilled and accredited engineers to work on your Professional Services project according to our tried-and-tested 5-step methodology:

1. Planning & Design Workshop:
From half-a-day to a full day dedicated to discussing your project in detail; ideally conducted face-to-face on-site in order to ensure all pertinent information and deliverables are captured and fully scoped at point of briefing.

2. Full Scope of Works:
Documentation outlining the project’s scope, assumptions, pre-requisites and success criteria; all SOWs need to be approved and signed as acceptance by the Customer before work can commence. We also require a signed confirmation of completion at the end of the project to verify the work has been delivered to your satisfaction.

3. Migration / Implementation / Configuration:
Performance of the agreed deliverables according to the project and in line with the agreed SOW.

4. Training & Handover:
A minimum of half-a-day assigned to deliver full training to your team and ensure there is an efficient operational handover.

5. Documentation:
Often overlooked but absolutely essential. We insist on providing detailed documentation for every project we deliver.

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