Many organisations lack strategic cyber security leadership. As a result they overlook the fundamentals required to create a solid security baseline to build upon.

This is often caused by a lack of time, resource or budget. But typically, it’s due to the simple fact there’s no one in the organisation with the necessary experience to take responsibility for implementing and managing an effective cyber security strategy.

What does a vCISO provide?

Appointing a Virtual CISO (vCISO) adds tremendous value to any organisation by providing access to a highly experienced, CISSP-certified individual, who is able to work directly with senior stakeholders and IT teams, to dramatically improve security and reduce risk within your business.

Depending on the overall level of your organisation’s maturity in relation to cyber security, a vCISO can help you to:

  • Identify the gaps: we recommend undertaking a Cyber Security Maturity assessment at the beginning of an engagement to understand and benchmark where your organisation sits against the globally-recognised CIS Controls Framework.

    >  Using our vCISO service and the CIS Framework you can ensure a relevant and effective security strategy can be implemented.
  • Run an IT Risk Assessment workshop: the purpose of this assessment is to mitigate risks to prevent security incidents and compliance failures, focussing resource on the most pressing issues within the business. The workshop demonstrates to your internal IT team how a risk matrix works and shows you how to prioritise assets and identify risks.

    >  If there is no risk treatment plan in place, we can provide template risk registers and guidance on how to quantify, record and discuss any existing or future risk.
  • Implement foundational elements: organisations often overlook the fundamental elements of IT security, none more so than creating, implementing and communicating both IT and company-user security policies and procedures such as IT Security Policy, Acceptable Use Policy, Business Continuity Plan and Incident Response Plan.

    >  We help you create relevant security policies and procedures, providing templates to document them and guidance to implement and communicate to existing and future employees.
  • Remediate issues: Once you fully understand your security gaps and which risks to address first, you can progress to remediation. With Autodata’s vCISO service you can start to address issues in a number of key areas such as:
    –   Inventory/Control and Secure Configuration of Enterprise and Software Assets
    –   Data Protection and Recovery
    –   Access Control/Continuous Vulnerability/Audit Log Management
    –   Email and Web-Browser Protections
    –   Malware Defences
    –   Application Software Security
    –   Network Infrastructure Management, Monitoring and Defence
    –   Security Awareness Skills and Training
    –   Penetration Testing 
  • Deliver ongoing cyber security strategy, leadership & guidance: having an ongoing roadmap of continuous improvement is essential for your business to stand the best chance of weathering the increasingly hostile threat landscape. It is also important that your internal IT team have a point of reference to guide them and all progress is recorded and reported to senior management, to ensure that the necessary changes are being made.

    Having a retained vCISO service from Autodata ensures that you have the leadership in place to maintain an effective strategy.
  • Ensure reliable Incident Response Management: clearly the aim is to prevent any security incident from occurring in the first place; but in the event that your company is breached, it is incredibly important to quickly know what to do and who to turn to.

    It is equally important to have access to the necessary expertise to respond to a breach in order to lessen the impact of a cyber incident via triage, analysis, containment, remediation and recovery.

We can structure a flexible service to meet the demand and budget of your organisation at a fraction of the cost of a permanent Cyber Security hire.

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