Ever since its inception, the move to utilising cloud storage has been difficult at best and a nightmare at worst, due to a range of pricing, performance, additional fees, security services and differing platforms, depending on your requirements.

Questions asked often include:

  • Do you want fast access to your data with fast download speeds?
  • Do you want a low or no charge to upload & download your data?
  • Do you want a low or no charge for your application to interact with the repository?
  • Do you want it to be secure and within the best data centres available?
  • Do you want compatibility with all major software and systems?

Most cloud storage solutions include ranges for performance, ranges for costs for ingress and egress of data with different levels of compatibility, and all with differeing price points.

This can make it difficult – if not impossible – to understand which “tier” will be suitable for each workload and to work out what your costs will be over a time period, making budgeting almost impossible.

We often hear from our clients that what they were quoted is nowhere near what they are actually paying.

Cloudlake is different:

  • We have one tier—FAST
  • We do not charge for Ingress—Egress or Application Connectivity (API Fees)
  • We only store your data in Tier 4 Data Centres using AES 256 Encryption with 11x9s of Data Durability
  • Widely compatible, with all major software supported
  • And we have one simple price … £5 per TB per Month

Find out more here: Cloudlake Datasheet

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