Advances in modern technology have created a playground for cyber criminals. Despite being invaluable to most of us, technology also presents multiple avenues to defraud individuals. One of these avenues is vishing. In 2019 the FBI reported that vishing represented 24% of all attacks 1. It has been identified as
Spending money has become increasingly easy with the growth of the digital age. New technology has created a faster effortless shopping experience. One-click payments and mobile apps have revolutionised the traditional process for online consumers. The ability to check a bank balance throughout the day or do a week’s grocery
To click or not to click? That is the question … and I’m calling it “Spot the Phish”. According to the 2019 Cyber Security Breaches Survey, phishing is now the most common type of cyber-attack¹. Phishing attacks, in particular email spoofing, account for 90% of data breaches² and in the
Can you pinpoint the weakest link in your organisation’s cyber security infrastructure? According to the FBI, CEO fraud is now a $12 billion scam [1]. Yet some of us remain completely unaware of this style of attack. So what is CEO fraud? Well this scam, often also referred to as
How far would your competitors go to get hold of your intellectual property and trade secrets? Corporate or Industrial Espionage is the term used for the covert (and usually illegal) practice of gathering private and confidential company information, data, trade secrets, business plans, product specifications or formulas using human or