Whilst “Cloud First” is a term being adopted across the industry, Autodata believes in “Cloud Right”. Some services are ideal for traditional cloud adoption (e.g. M365, SaaS, BUaaS etc.) whereas others are expensive, slow and difficult to manage in this environment.

What has been lacking in the industry is the ability to choose the right location for the right workload at the right price, simply and conveniently, with the ability to tier from on-premise to cloud and back to on-premise, depending on the business need at any point in time.

Hybrid for Autodata truly means Hybrid, not just a static silo of workloads within the Cloud and a static silo on-premise, truly connected infrastructure where the Cloud becomes one with your on premise hardware and is used as a natural extension of you infrastructure.

The limited available solutions have previously been expensive and cumbersome, and even if you’ve had the ability to tier into a cloud repository for data storage, the cost to bring it back has been so high that the decision to move it out in the first place has to be carefully considered.

Our Cloudlake® platform allows you to move data between on-premise tiers and cloud tiers at will with no charges in either direction.

This means data can reside in a location that best suits the needs of the workload for performance, reliability, manageability and cost.

By fully integrating the cloud tier with on-premise storage, you are able to scale out data to the cloud that doesn’t require a high IOPS, low latency connection on-premise but still maintain access to use and store these files natively within the same SAN/NAS/DAS environment you currently use, or implement new hardware and software to further reduce costs.

Moving to the cloud can look expensive, hence why it’s always advised to look at the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) including all the “Soft Costs” (power, cooling, management, warranties, etc) as well as “Hard Costs” (physical infrastructure and on premise software and/or cloud storage and compute costs per month). With our right-sizing strategy, Hard Costs are typically reduced by 50% and Soft Costs by 80%.

Now is finally the time that the Cloud can be incorporated into your IT strategy. Not only does it provide an increase in performance, security, manageability, reliability and functionality, but a reduction in price across the board too.


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