In the modern data centre, storing your backups onsite, or using ‘traditional’ methods to offsite this data, is no longer sufficient to protect your organisation against current threats such as ransomware, malicious users and accidental deletions.

Why Cloudlake Backup?

Cloudlake® combines leading modern backup tools and best-of-class cloud repositories to deliver an immutable, flexible, reliable, high performance and cost effective off-site backup solution.

Ultimately, whether you’re looking to re-establish the 3-2-1 backup model your organisation operated traditionally, or to improve this model either on-premise or in-cloud, our Cloudlake backup solution exists to help you achieve it SIMPLY, SECURELY and COST-EFFECTIVELY powered by Veeam with all the associated benefits.

Whether you are running physical or virtual machines, on-premise or in the cloud, Cloudlake Backup provides a one-stop solution to secure your data so that in the event of disaster you can always be sure to gain access to your data for recovery.

Running Veeam as the core application means your data is protected by the world’s #1 Backup Tool enabling protection for all your critical data from any application.

Where is my Data?

Your data is sent from Veeam to a Tier 4 Data Centre with the following benefits and capabilities:

  • Numerous Global DC locations across UK, EU, US, APAC
  • Highly available with 11x9s of data durability
  • Secured with AES 256 encryption in transit and at rest
  • Exceptional performance: no slow, cold or archive tiers
  • ISO 27001 compliant

What is Immutability?

Simply put, immutability gives you the confidence to know that the data you “think” you have, you actually do have.

Even encrypted backups can be altered either by accident or by malicious intent. Immutability ensures that once the data is written it can’t be deleted, modified or altered in any way by anyone for a pre-determined period of time.

Veeam (coupled with the correct storage provider) has the ability to guarantee immutability – thereby ensuring that when you need your backup it is safe, secure and ready to use.

One Monthly Payment

One simple invoice per month with two items on it: the licences you have and the storage you’ve used – THAT’S IT.

We separate our Cloudlake billing in this way so you can clearly see where the costs are based and to help inform future business decisions. Essentially we charge you for what you need and use – NOTHING ELSE.

No contract lock-ins or minimum terms with Cloudlake. Monthly payments on invoice, in the currency of your choice. It couldn’t be simpler.

Cloudlake Storage is only £5.99 per TB per month and Veeam licensing costs less than any other route of purchase. Find out more about Cloudlake Storage here:


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