Minimise the Devastation of a Cyberattack

*NEW* Early Threat Detection: AI-powered, built-in Malware Detection Engine performs low-impact, real-time data and file extensions analysis during backup for immediate malware detection.

*NEW* Proactive Threat Hunting: System instantly reports backup inconsistencies into ServiceNow and your preferred SIEM tools so you can act fast and reduce further risk to your data.

*NEW* Get a Second Opinion: Allow your cyber-threat tool to report infections directly into the Veeam Incident API, marking existing restore points as infected or triggering a backup.

Empower Your Team to Slash Incident Response Time

*NEW* Avoid Reinfection: Pinpoint identified ransomware strains and prevent the reintroduction of malware into your environment using YARA content analysis.

ENHANCED Automate Clean Recovery: Perform orchestrated recovery of an entire environment using malware-free restore points.

*NEW* Recover with Precision: Roll back to the moment before the infection hits with the I/O Anomaly Visualiser, ensuring minimal data loss thanks to Veeam CDP.

Complete Your Security & Compliance Standing

*NEW* Multi-Personnel Authorisation: Prevent the accidental or malicious deletion or encryption of backups by employing a zero-trust architecture, “Four-eyes” admin protection and immutable backups.

ENHANCED Verify Security and Compliance: Boost your recovery success with automated scans using the Security & Compliance Analyser, which utilises top-notch infrastructure hardening and data protection best practices.

*NEW* Put the Spotlight on Malware: Highlight threats, identify risks and measure the security score of your environment in the Veeam Threat Centre.

Everything You Need for Radical Resilience

*NEW* AI-Powered Assistance: Receive immediate in-product assistance using generative AI powered by large language models, trained on product documentation with real-time access to Veeam’s knowledge base.

*NEW* Backup of Object Storage: Strengthen recovery with powerful granular restore capabilities for your on-premises or cloud object storage data, secured by an ultra-resilient immutable backup.

ENHANCED Storage-Efficient Immutability: Lock in backup integrity and retention with ease using native APIs on external dedupe storage – now including EMC Data Domain and HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Copy.

ENHANCED Planned Failover Without Disruption: Verify and orchestrate recovery for when you need to plan and execute failover without interrupting the workloads that run your business.

*NEW* Automated Cloud Recovery Validation: Save time by automating necessary manual post-recovery tasks when recovering an on-premises workload into Microsoft Azure.

*NEW* Strengthen Microsoft 365 Recovery Compliance: Reduce risk in your Microsoft 365 environment and quickly address compliance violations by identifying irregular restore behavior across applications, activities and initiators.

*NEW* Enhanced Key Management for Backups: Embrace security best practices for your backups with centrally managed backup encryption keys using Key-Management Systems (KMS).

*NEW* Bring Your Archives in From the Cold: Own and automate the complete data lifecycle for your backup copies by leveraging low-cost and cold storage classes within on-premises object storage.

*NEW* Accelerate Your Application Team: Empower application owners to quickly locate the data they need for operations and recovery, combining high-performance search with a disk published directly from backup.

*NEW* Instant Recovery for PostgreSQL: Avoid business interruption with instant availability for PostgreSQL, allowing users to work while data recovery and journaling occur in the background.

*NEW* Secure DR for Oracle Solaris: Recover Oracle Solaris workloads to production on dissimilar hardware with secure, token-based bare metal recovery.


Early Threat Detection:
Low-impact inline entropy and file extensions analysis during backup.


Put the Spotlight on Malware:
Highlight threats, identify risks and measure the security score of your environment.


Recovery Is your Last Line of Defence:
Perform orchestrated recovery of an entire environment using malware-free restore points.

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