Networks are at the core of everything we do at Autodata, providing the fabric to deploy, access and secure applications from wherever they reside.

We have years of experience consulting, supplying and configuring network solutions and the expertise to ensure that your networking infrastructure is perfectly suited to your business and we’re committed to maintaining its integrity and security.


A Local Area Network (LAN) connects wired devices within a specific localised area and is critical in ensuring the stability and performance of all applications within the business. LAN components include:

  • Hardware – physical network elements including wired switches and physical or virtual controllers
  • Software – network service applications that are cloud-based, appliance or virtual appliance such as:
    • Network management and monitoring
    • Performance management
    • Guest access
    • Onboarding services
    • Authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) security/authentication
    • Policy enforcement
    • Intrusion detection systems/wireless intrusion detection systems
    • Location services
    • Application visibility
    • Network and vertical market analytics
    • Security including behavioral analysis

With more employees working from home or mobile locations, they need to be able to connect to the corporate LAN from outside the corporate network. This requires a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to provide a secure connection between the LAN and the remote network where the user is based. Once connected, the remote network can access everything on the local network in the same way as if physically connected.

Traditionally wired networks were considered to be faster and more secure than wireless networks. But enhancements in wireless network technologies and standards mean both wired and wireless networks now perform synergistically to establish the corporate network.

Wireless LAN

A Wireless LAN (WLAN) delivers non-wired network availability (Wi-Fi) via access points provisioned to amplify the radio wave signal within the required coverage area.  With most business-critical devices now constantly connected to Wi-Fi, your wireless infrastructure must be rock solid to prevent any negative impact to your business.

WLANs help your workforce to stay connected to critical business applications, improving productivity, mobility and convenience, without the cost and physical limitations of wiring.  But poor WLAN configuration and/or physical deployment mistakes can result in connectivity problems, leading to frustrated employees and guests.

Common Wireless issues might include:

  • Coverage issues (signal strength, coverage holes/deadzones/blackspots, AP density)
  • Performance issues (VoIP, HD video, RTLS, dropouts, AP overload, packet loss, jitter)
  • Capacity issues (data rate, throughput problems, excessive load on a given channel)
  • Interference problems (wireless and non-wireless: co-channel/adjacent channel, microwaves)
  • Equipment failures
  • Misconfigured/Rogue APs
  • Roaming problems
  • BYOD-related issues
  • Security issues

Gartner forecasts that WLAN will continue growing at high single-digit compounded rates through 2022, as organisations continue to seek more network agility given proliferating numbers of devices connecting to the enterprise network due to BYOD policies and implementation of IoT initiatives.

Autodata utilises the leading industry-standard software tool to ensure all capacity and coverage requirements are met, achieve the most accurate air-coverage heatmapping and enabling full access-point simulation to be tested prior to deployment.

  • Spectrum Analysis checks your environment for 2.4GHz and 5GHz interference and non-wireless interference sources to help uncover unknown sources of interference that cannot be identified through standard predictive surveying. This results in our unique ability to mitigate issues such as packet loss, jitter and latency that can be detrimental to a network.
  • Heatmapping covers signal strength coverage, signal-to-noise ratio, data rate, throughput, packet loss, jitter, round-trip times, maximum channel bandwidth and AP overlap.
  • Autodata’s Survey Reports show where to place and how to configure your access points, and accurately predict network coverage, performance and capacity in 3D.

Take a look at the Client Case Studies on this page for examples of our WLAN capabilities.

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