End users are the last line of defence in cyber security. Failing to empower your employees with the knowledge and awareness needed to identify common cyber threats leaves them vulnerable to being the weakest link in your security portfolio.

We offer SOC2 compliant cyber awareness training that equips your end users with the skills they need to better understand cyber-attack threat vectors and enable you to better manage your urgent IT security problems.

Your Human Firewall

Most organisations don’t know where to begin with cyber security training or how to tailor it to their industry and employees which is why our solution provides an automated security awareness programme allowing you to create a customised program for your business.

Offering the largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, this programme gives user friendly training helping you to implement all the steps to create a complete security awareness training program to strategically combat sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks and manage the ongoing problem of cyber security:

  • Security Awareness Training: access to a content library of over 850+ items available in 30 different languages – including interactive modules, videos, games, posters and automated training campaigns to equip your end users with the right skills and understanding of cyber security. The gaming options also allow your employees to compete against each other on leader boards and earn badges which puts lighthearted fun into cyber training. The platform also has a learning management system with the capabilities to allow you to manage and even add your own training content into the content library
  • Pre- and Post-training Security Tests: simulated phishing attacks to assess your user vulnerability percentage rate. These are carried out randomly, can be deployed as frequently as required and can be targeted to the whole company or specific division/departments, providing you with several solutions for training in case an employee falls prey to a phishing attack.
  • Phishing: customisable templates and landing pages with unlimited usage to give you the options of phishing your end users yourself. During a simulation our social engineering technology solution is able to route end users to a landing page (if they clicked on the email) which highlights the red flags within the phishing email to allow a first-hand understanding of what content is malicious, giving everyone better awareness of attacks
  • USB Drive Test: 45% of users will plug in USBs they find lying around. This platform will allow you to download a special Microsoft Office file onto any USB drive. If any employee plugs it into their computer and opens the file it will send you an alert to report the action. Should the employee then enable the macros in the file, this additional data is also tracked and reported back to you
  • Risk Compliance Tool: Helping your organisation cut down audit time and manage compliance and risk reports
  • Results: statistics, graphs and risk scoring based on every individual user for training and phishing to allow you to understand your user awareness levels with the ability to track end user replies and links clicked during an assessment. These results will allow you to easily measure the effectiveness of your training and pinpoint which areas need re visiting The report you will gain will give you a holistic and accurate view of your organisations risk and will cover some of the following: name and email, attachments clicked, data entered, how many links clicked, user location and operating system, number of emails opened, number of emails replied, number of emails reported
  • Email exposure check: Internet scanning software to allow you to use email addresses to scan through any users internet exposure as a whole, to gain intelligence on weather you have enough sensitive information available to make yourself vulnerable to a hack attempt
  • Vishing: Voicemail phishing has the potential to be just as damaging to your organisation as a traditional phishing attempt, through the use of key pad forwarding. When the user is prompted to press a number during a call a hacker can then re route the call, charge high fees for the call or sound like a trusted employee of a customer and gain access to sensitive information which they could then use to create a bigger breach. For the ultimate vulnerability awareness you have the ability to voicemail phish your organisation. Through the use of an automated call system you can programme exactly what you want the call to say, before calling an employee and testing weather their level of vulnerability.

Engaging your employees via Cyber Awareness Training could be indispensable in protecting your organisation against cyber threats.

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