Autodata is a close-knit organisation that believes in delivering exceptional customer service to guarantee satisfaction and continuity.

We supply and manage highly skilled and accredited pre- and post-sales engineers to work at every level of your I.T. project, from planning through to deployment and beyond.

Our presales staff are highly knowledgeable and can work with you on the initial planning stages in order to determine the design and scope of your project.

We feel that it’s important for our customers to be able to develop relationships with the engineers that are assigned to work with them on site. This enables the technician to build a deeper understanding of the businesses in which they work, and gives our clients a sense of trust and ease, knowing that any problems they might have with I.T. are going to be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Support is something that you can be sure of at every stage of your I.T. project and if there’s something that you’re not quite clear on, then our engineers will be only too happy to talk you through it.

We ensure that all our technical staff receive ongoing training and career development so that we are always perfectly positioned to advise you in the best and most up-to-date manner. Autodata strive to ensure that this training encompasses the most up-to-date vendor accreditations to the highest level. We take our relationships with vendors extremely seriously and work to ensure that our technical staff attain and update accreditations to the highest possible level.

Project Management 

We work to ensure that our project managers are also accredited to the latest standard for effective project management. As such, Autodata project managers hold Prince 2 and APM (Association for Project Management) accreditations, both widely recognised qualification that are used extensively in the private sector and in organisations around the world.

At Autodata, we take the time to get to know customer environments so that we can better understand how to deliver a service that you’ll be 100% happy with. You’ll find that the same people who designed your project will also be the ones who deploy it and provide the ongoing support to ensure maximum efficiency and continuity throughout the lifecycle of your project.


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