Cyber security starts at the firewall, creating barriers between internal networks and external networks to control and funnel traffic, preventing any “wildfires” spreading from one area of your system to another.

But as technology evolves so does application usage and user behaviour, creating a need for more complex network infrastructures which in turn brings greater security risks. It’s simply not enough purely having a firewall in place, it must be the correct firewall for your needs and correctly configured with efficient rules and policies to manage and control your network traffic effectively.

Firewall Security

An effective firewall provides you with the necessary visibility across your network traffic to control and protect your applications, users and content everywhere.

Firewalls are not just essential from a network perspective but also for maintaining consistent security of your public cloud environment which operates on the “Shared Responsibility Model”.

Cloud vendors such as AWS, Azure and Google only take responsibility for protecting the infrastructure (hardware/software/networking/facilities) that run their services and not your data or applications. Using the same brand of enterprise-class firewall across your cloud and network infrastructure removes reliance on the native firewalls provided. Employing a consistent firewall across your cloud and on-premise environments ensures you are benefiting from a coherent security policy and are even more secure.

Types of Firewall:

  • Unified Threat Management Firewalls incorporate functions of an antivirus, intrusion prevention and stateful inspection firewall.
  • Next-Generation Firewalls have the ability to stand up against modern cyber threats such as advanced malware and application layer attacks.
  • Threat-Focused Next-Generation Firewalls incorporate functionalities of the traditional NGFW along with advanced threat detection and remediation capabilities.

Key Features of NGFWs:

  • Filtering traffic and creating targeted security policies to allow safe access to relevant applications (including SaaS applications)
  • Preventing attacks by limiting unwanted applications to reduce the attack surface
  • Blocking known vulnerability exploits, viruses, spyware and unknown malware
  • Protecting data centres through segmentation controls and high-speed threat prevention
  • Enabling secure public and private cloud computing environments and maintaining consistent security policies for physical infrastructure as well as virtual machines
  • Incorporating tools and resources that help you adopt industry best practices

The type of firewall you need and the level of security your organisation requires depends on your overall security policy.

Larger organisations inevitably need the ability to focus on preventing attacks that target the network, securing encrypted traffic using automating behavioural analytics to find and stop insider threats in the network.

To determine which firewall best suits your organisation and whether your existing firewall meets your security requirements we will ask:

  • Are you reliant on a detect and response approach for cyberattacks?
  • Does your firewall use a legacy, hash-based approach to detect modern threats?
  • Can your security detect and prevent new threats targeted at macOS, Android, Linux, and Windows?
  • Are you able to use native automation in your firewall management?
  • How are you protecting your end users against phishing and sensitive data theft attacks?
  • Have you invested in multiple products to achieve NGFW feature parity?
  • Have you enabled SSL decryption on the firewall?

Autodata offers all our customers a free Security Assessment providing actionable intelligence around the traffic, applications, content and threats traversing your network.

We then provide you with a Security Assessment Report that includes recommendations on how to reduce your organisation’s overall risk exposure.

Having visibility of your network is the key step to protecting it from threats. Get in touch today to arrange your free Security Assessment.

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