Software & Software Asset Management

Software licensing can be a headache and it’s all too easy to end up duplicating cost across your business estate. Autodata will ensure that your licensing is fully compliant, optimised for your infrastructure and that you’re not over-licensed and leaking revenue.

We manage multiple software-licensing requirements across all major vendor programs and can help your business take advantage of the most up-to-date releases to maintain a competitive edge.

Our in-house experts offer advice on all of the main vendors to ensure that your software choices are the right ones for your business. We make sure that your software portfolio is working at the optimum level for you and can deploy applications such as Office 356 to your users over the network for your peace of mind.

We offer:

  • Compliance & Optimisation – making sure that you have the most recent, cost-effective and licensed software for existing and future business needs. We specialise in giving expert advice to companies dealing with increased or decreased software requirements (resulting from acquisitions, mergers, upsizing, downsizing, moving premises etc.) and determining the benefits of staying on-premise versus public cloud or hybrid deployment.
  • Licence Renewals Management – informing you three months before your licenses expire to ensure that you never miss renewals and don’t incur further fees. We also have a successful track record of co-terming licences so that you’re not managing multiple renewals throughout the year.
  • Software Asset Management – carrying out audits on your software estate and producing reports identifying and outlining your license attribution and usage to ensure that there’s no duplication or wastage.


Installing a popular software product may seem like a relatively simple job, but it can instead cause many problems for the uninitiated. Even Microsoft agrees, recommending that businesses hire a software specialist to make the transition to Office 365 a smooth one.

Any migration of software usually comes complete with its own set of potential issues and this means that there are plenty of considerations to take into account for which a business may not be fully prepared.

Potential deployment issues include:

  • Reduced functionality and security
  • Problems surrounding archiving
  • Costs and licensing
  • Authentication difficulties

Autodata have vast experience in this area and are accustomed to coming up against common problems found by businesses attempting to carry out deployment without specialist help. Hybrid deployments, in which a mixture of on-premise and SaaS applications are used, can be especially tricky and too challenging for a business to carry out alone.

Our in-house experts will talk you through what needs to be done and how any perceived challenges can be swiftly overcome. Microsoft has very specific system requirements of which many people aren’t aware, so we’ll check the health and specifications of your current systems to ensure compatibility before we begin any deployment.

Deploying, Managing & Securing Cloud Apps

It’s thought that even small businesses regularly use more than 14 cloud apps. As such, it’s easy to see how managing these apps at the same time as licensing and deployment could quickly become a complex issue. Our software experts are here to help you to overcome any confusion about which apps to run in the cloud and which to keep on-premise. We’ll talk you through the process for deployment and come up with a sound plan going forward to ensure minimum disruption to your business.

Cloud Analytics and Security

When it comes to apps deployed to the cloud, it’s necessary to gain visibility into your businesses app usage. Analytics can be used to fully monitor this usage as well as identify and prevent any loss of data. Analytics can also help you to enforce security and compliance policies across both cloud-based apps and those situated on site.

Autodata will help you to discover all of the apps used within your organisation, from shadow IT usage, to those on and off the premises and in the cloud. You are then in a much better position to decide whether to standardise app usage on personal devices such as mobiles and tablets, or to migrate users onto approved apps.

With analytics, you can:

  • Analyse app activity against company policy
  • Detect anomalies to identify risky behaviour which could lead to data loss
  • Create events to detect any deviation from rules
  • Create a forensic audit trail
  • Monitor cloud app usage for performance and usage, as well as uptimes and latency both on the network and on devices such as mobile
  • Look for potential inefficiencies

Analytics gives a range of powerful and real-time insight to help you to make better business decisions and work more innovatively and efficiently whilst saving on costs.

We’re always on-hand to discuss your software portfolio spend and how it can be bettered so you have complete peace of mind with regards to all aspects of your deployment and licensing.

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