The modern threat landscape is constantly evolving and it is essential that this is taken seriously at Board level with an appropriate budget assigned to effectively deal with threats.

Regardless of business size, network protection should be high on every company agenda as the incidence of attacks has risen sharply in recent years. Many businesses believe they’re not big enough to warrant being hacked or targeted with malware but as John Chambers (Cisco’s ex-CEO) once commented:

“There are two types of companies: those who have been hacked, and those who don’t yet know they have been hacked.”

NTT Group’s Global Threat Intelligence Report found that many businesses fail to implement even the most basic security controls. Often the weakest point of security lies with end users being exposed to daily threats like phishing, and other issues such as software patches not being implemented. Applying remote monitored, layered intelligence solutions and robust on-site security assists in mitigating this threat before it reaches the end user. Autodata can ensure that your infrastructure is constantly monitored and protected.

Global Threat to Business

Research from the Centre for Strategic and International Studies found that cybercrime costs the global economy around $445 billion each year. Modern threats are increasingly sophisticated and designed to do everything possible to avoid detection.  Cybercrime is an issue that requires a strategic approach offering layered protection. However, given the current threat landscape, more advanced protection is often necessary.  New threat intelligence solutions detect, analyse and protect systems against known as well as emerging threats to ensure a robust security setup.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is neither a new nor a standalone phenomenon. It’s a core ingredient of the overall transformation of the entire technology industry that has been rapidly developing into its leading delivery method. The cloud fundamentally changes the way that IT services are deployed, enabling organisations to meet their IT requirements using a flexible, on-demand, and rapidly scalable model that requires neither ownership nor provision of dedicated resources.

Cloud brings with it numerous benefits, including capex and opex cost efficiencies, flexibility derived from the rapid provisioning of new capacity and transfer of workloads, increased automation, and improved sustainability due to the consumption of far less energy and resources than the traditional IT data centre.

Cloud can be complex but we’re here to ensure that your project is handled in a logical way that takes all your business needs and processes into account to ensure that everything runs smoothly, disrupts business processes as little as possible, and guarantees scalability and security. Speak to one of our Data Centre and Cloud Specialists to discuss how we can develop your DCC strategy to increase your competitive edge and provide real business benefits.

Cloud Security

The adoption of the cloud was somewhat slowed by concerns surrounding security, but the technology has matured enough now to the extent that it’s trusted. Of course, this doesn’t mean that security in the cloud is not something you should pay attention to, it is. In order to ensure that your organisation remains protected, it’s necessary to demand transparency from suppliers and to pay careful attention to the service level agreement (SLA) which sets out responsibility.

Choosing what data to host or store in the cloud is also important, as is the level of encryption used by your supplier. At Autodata, we work with you to identify what data should be kept out of the cloud and which suppliers are best suited to your needs to provide you with:

  • Strong encryption
  • A robust disaster recovery plan
  • Secure APIs
  • A properly designed multitenant cloud service database

Shadow I.T

Research suggests that unauthorised shadow IT spending now accounts for a quarter of IT budgets as spending becomes increasingly dispersed throughout organisations. A BT survey discovered that almost 75% of CIOs are concerned about security and as a result, security spends have increased with the average yearly cost reaching £160,849 more.

At Autodata, we work with you to identify the use of shadow IT with a view to eliminating or incorporating in a more formal fashion so that security can be tightened and the spend reduced.

The security-threat landscape is one that’s ever evolving. At the cutting edge are custom-written, stealthy threats that evade traditional security perimeter defences. With this in mind, it’s essential to deploy threat intelligence that detects, analyses and protects against both known and emerging threats – Autodata and its partners help you to do this.



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