With most business-critical devices now constantly connected to Wi-Fi, your wireless infrastructure must be rock solid to prevent any negative impact to business.

Many organisations cut costs at the wireless site survey stage resulting in them either deploying far more access points than they require or positioning them in the wrong place. As a result they suffer interference, coverage, connectivity or capacity issues when demand or the number of devices increase.

Find out how I.T. Director Rob successfully resolves his wireless networking issues and implements Mobile Device Management for his organisation, so he can do more with less…

Autodata conducts detailed Wireless Site Surveys using the leading software tool for Wi-Fi planning and maintenance, including spectrum analysis and coverage heatmapping alongside 3D predictive network planning. This allows for full access-point simulation to be tested prior to deployment.

You may have had a wireless site survey before but Autodata’s is the most advanced in the market for resolving:

  • Coverage Issues: Wi-Fi works over public frequencies, which makes it vulnerable to interference from other devices e.g. microwaves, radar, cameras that share the same spectrum. Performing an on-site (rather than just an online) Wireless Survey is the only way to guarantee the success of your network. You need a validation survey performed to sample certain areas and confirm the predicted results. One site survey walk-through is enough to collect it all: active, passive and spectrum survey information.

Our Spectrum Analysis will check your environment for non-RF interference to help eliminate any interference that causes Wi-Fi issues such as packet loss, dropped connections and more.

  • Network Performance Issues: Performing a Wi-Fi Health Check enables analysis and optimisation of your network: locate all access points; analyse per SSID, channel or AP; simulate how the network will perform using different Wi-Fi devices.

Our Wireless Site Survey solution incorporates heatmapping that covers signal strength coverage, signal-to-noise ratio, data rate, throughput, packet loss, jitter, round-trip times, maximum channel bandwidth, AP overlap.

  • Capacity Issues: Your network should be designed primarily for capacity. Why? Because more devices are joining the network; end users and business-critical applications rely on a Wi-Fi network that works 24/7; and the amount of data transmitted wirelessly has significantly increased thanks to voice calls made over Wi-Fi, HD video streaming over Wi-Fi, and file access/storage in the cloud.

Performing a Wireless Health Check identifies the overloaded APs and areas of excessive voice calls by displaying capacity metrics on the floor plan as visualisations. This enables network design based on capacity, ensuring even distribution of traffic per AP.

Take a look at the Client Case Studies on this page for examples of our wireless surveying and provisioning capabilities.

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