Network monitoring is a time consuming and resource-intensive activity but can be highly beneficial to the business. This is where a managed firewall is of value.

Autodata’s Managed Firewall service utilises qualified security professionals to monitor your networks and provide analysis and reporting based on usual and irregular behaviour enabling you to better address security threats.

Key Benefits

  • Manage your risks: Reduce your risk exposure with experts on hand to configure, manage and monitor your firewall and immediately respond to issues
  • 24/7 Continuous monitoring: Dedicated to safeguarding your critical information, our services will ensure your firewalls remain protected – with highly experienced security professionals your IT team can focus their resources elsewhere
  • Security expertise: Our engineers have the highest industry security accreditation and will have a sole focus on helping you securing your systems and infrastructure
  • Website filtering: The ability to create a threat database that categorises websites based on content in order to block or limit access to specific websites
  • Application filtering: Control over your end user activity with the ability to block or limit specific application filers and usage


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