With the rapid rise of ransomware and the intrinsic risk it poses to businesses, the need to secure data, reliably and without compromise, has never been higher.

Many organisations implement the 3-2-1 backup principle for their on-premise data … although its effectiveness is often reduced when moving to the cloud.

Unfortunately, even with the 3-2-1 principle in place, ransomware gangs are able to penetrate systems and launch an attack from which it is very difficult – and sometimes impossible – to recover.

Autodata offers a number of measures to protect against this rising threat whilst covering multiple other cyber attack vectors.


The first line of defence is to detect an attack occurring and mitigate its impact. To do this manually may well be too late, as by the time you know they are within your system there could be untold damage already caused.

Autodata provides a range of detection tools that will look at what/who is communicating with your data, where they are attempting to interact with it, what is being done with it, and ultimately shut down access where either a specific attack is detected or behaviour outside the pre-configured norms is identified.


Although detection tools are a valid and wise addition to the security arsenal, the unfortunate reality is that threats continue to evolve and if an attack does occur and isn’t detected, how can you be sure your data is safe?

Data stored within our cloud platform is stored with AES 256 encryption in both transit and at rest, with 11x9s of data durability in Tier 4 data centres. The storage repositories can also be implemented with immutability to ensure that the data is “locked” in its original state for a period of time determined by our clients to meet their own risk profile. This lock keeps the data in original state ensuring it can’t be deleted, changed or modified in any way.

We use only the best backup tools to protect data, whether that is on-premise, in the cloud or SaaS, which integrate with our storage repositories to ensure that “IF” you are compromised your data is always accessible regardless of the threat.


Assuming the data is protected, the last phase in a potential cyber attack is recovering the data back to a working state. Having a backup on tape does give a measure of “air-gapped” protection, but the time to recover can be lengthy and unreliable, often reducing the benefit of recovery.

If an attack does occur and a restoration from a previous state is required Autodata’s range of tools will assist in this task quickly and reliably with drastically reduced effort. With our always-fast cloud storage, we can stream required data back quickly and with our range of tools, automate many tasks that previously would have been a cumbersome exercise for your IT team to contend with.

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