Cloudlake Content Management provides a hyper-secure system for users to share and store files and data. With unlimited external users, compliance tools, advanced digital rights management, and zero trust file sharing, Cloudlake Content Management makes collaboration, file sharing, and storage easier than ever.

Cloudlake Content Management gives you complete control over your enterprise data, utilising multiple storage locations such as on-premise, public cloud, and cloudlake storage repositories, whilst providing protection against cyber-attacks and leaks.

Why Cloudlake Content Management?

Cloudlake uses innovative tools which are used by 1000s of organisations globally to remove the complexity businesses face when they need to manage, collaborate, and share content both internally and externally. This is all done via a secure platform that provides data governance, data protection, and various other capabilities ensuring your data is protected.

  • Content Collaboration – File sharing, sync and teams folders
  • Content Streamlining – Full oversight and control over even your unstructured data using built in metadata sets, you can also create your own customised metadata sets
  • Data Protection PC and server backup, malware, and ransomware protection
  • Data Residency – Keep all your data in the region of your choice
  • Robust ROI – Unlimited internal users
  • Governance – Content lifecycle management, DLP, DRM, workflow automation and a compliance dashboard (ITAR, HIPAA, GDPR)
  • Customer Branding – Extend your enterprise identity
  • Simple UI/UX – Any user can learn the simple clean UI, drag, and drop options, and report options easily

The reasons to choose Cloudlake Content Management are numerous but some highlights include:

  • Zero Trust File Sharing – Helps maintain the hyper-security of your files with the option to enable zero trust protection over your files by creating password-protected zip files. These files are never scanned or read by the solution and can be shared with read only permissions. Helping you to maintain exclusive control over your files and data.
  • Workflow Automation – The no code, drag and drop workflow automation tool makes it easy to create workflows to automate monotonous yet important tasks such as document reviews and sign offs.
  • Hyper-Secure – Employ end to end AES-256 encryption ensuring only authorised parties can access your data. MFA adds extra security to prevent unauthorised entry.
  • Ransomware Protection – Architecture, custom branded domains, and email templates provide maximum protection from email spoofing and ransomware attacks .
  • Governance and Compliance – Set policies for automatic life cycle management including file retention and archival.
  • Cloudlake Content Management for Office – Fast integration with MS office, making it easy for teams to collaborate on documents no matter where they are.

With Cloudlake Content Management we only charge you for what you need and use on a per-user basis, allowing you complete flexibility to scale up and down.

You can choose to utilise our cloud storage repository for only £5.99 per month for each TB of storage whilst avoiding hidden charges (ingress, egress, API) that other vendors typically bake into their unlimited storage repositories.

When compared with other content management and collaboration tools you will find Cloudlake Content Management provides enhanced functionality, security, scalability, and value.


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